My First Online Shopping

It occurs to me that online shop is flourishing. When I surf on internet, I find there are so many online shops scattering. Especially when I log in to my Facebook account. In my home news feed, I happen to see there must be one or two of my friends are tagged in online shops’ photo album.

To be honest, I never shop online before. I guess I was afraid that a store might cheat me. I heard customers’ dissatisfaction by saying that they had paid their bill, but products they had ordered were never sent to them. Or they were sent broken products and when they complained the store didn’t want to take responsibility.

But, two days ago I shopped on internet for the very first time. I shopped on to buy Darren Shan Box Set Collection 2 and 3. Since I have bought Darren Shan Box Set Collection 1, I feel oblige to collect all Darren Shan’s books. I’ve searched these books to any bookstores I know but I didn’t find any, so when I browsed the books on Kutukutubuku and found them, without any second thought I ordered them.

For these two box set collections, I have to pay Rp 171.700,- (this price is after discount) and because I wanted the books were sent to my house in Bandar Lampung, so there is a shipping fee Rp 26.000,- for 2kg weight. The total was Rp 197.700,-. So, I paid the amount via ATM and afterwards I confirmed the payment to Kutukutubuku.

What I like from the store was they were processing my order so fast, albeit in their blog they said they were on holidays and all orders that were made after September 2, 2010 would be processed on September 14, 2010. In fact, they directly processed my order by the time they got it.

After they received my e-mail confirmation, they sent my books yesterday. And today, I have received the books! It only took two days for shopping at Kutukutubuku. I guess the credit supposed to be given also to the shipping company which send the books. It sent my Darren Shan’s to my home safely, smoothly, and fast. 😀

And, you know what? Now, I’m tempted to buy another books via online. *compulsive buying detected* 😀

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